Special Thanks

I want to start by giving a special thanks to all those that have helped with this project in some way or other. In no particular order, thanks to: My Dad, Paul Fell, Ian, Warham and Obiwantje!!

Really guys, I couldn't have done much of this without your help, I appreciate it!

I also must really thank Louise (the wife) for putting up with the mess in the kitchen, not being able to get access to the garage and not seeing me much since I started this project :D

Project: Steepletone

Codename: Wife's Xmas Present

It was just after midnight on the 18th December 2015 that I checked my Clash of Clans, Email, Tapatalk Forums, IRCCloud (etc) when...

... I noticed an advert on one of the groups I belong to (Why Pay eBay)....

The original advert

After seeing this advert I instantly got excited at the idea of creating a nice little project for a Christmas gift for the wife. She already mentioned that she couldn't use the elaborate system I’d setup as part of the TV system and she just wanted something to pop a CD in and press play for the Dining room.

I could see the potential of this Steepletone as a solution but I was on a short amount of time to get it finished and had no real plan other than picking it up from the seller.

I replied to the advert and managed to schedule in a pickup in a couple of days. The wife was at work so I managed to get back and test it. Since everything is digital radio now the radio was only picking up 2 radio stations (and not particularly well either). The CD tray in the top didn’t work but I knew I wanted to rebuild everything anyway using either a PC-CDROM drive or perhaps a car CD player as I had an old one knocking around somewhere.

I stripped the guts out of the box and kept what would go back in (furniture such as knobs, dials, latches, speakers etc) and dumped the rest.

Probably should make it clear that this is a 2002 reproduction of an old 1940/1950’s style radio. I wouldn’t have been comfortable butchering an original.

Most of the problem with completing this project was keeping it under wraps, in the end I had to tell her I was working on something for her Christmas present and lock her out of the garage or work through the night while she slept.

First Job...
...Remove the varnish
Set-up a spray booth
Safety first!

The paint work is coming on. I had a strange conversation trying to work out what shade of purple/pink to spray this thing with the wife. I couldn’t tell her what it was and didn’t want to give her any clue so she was laughing at the way I was trying to ask about colours. I managed to keep it extremely vague!

I'll avoid 'curling' wires in future!
The End.

Completed 2nd January 2016