Sky Rocket

Version 1.0

A simple jQuery based browser game.



Use left and right cursor keys to move the ship left and right

Use space bar to activate a new fuel cell and refill your tank

Aim of the Game

After take-off, your rocket uses fuel in its main tank (illustrated on the right). This in turn propels the the rocket on its journey up through the clouds. At maximum accelleration your ship will gain higher altertudes more quickly but will burn through your fuel.

As you progress on your voyage you will notice falling fuel canisters, collecting these will replenish a slot on your reserve bar. You can only hold 4 canisters at a time.

By balancing your accelleration and replenishing your fuel tank you may find it easier to keep a constant resivour of fuel as you collect the falling tanks to keep you going on your journey.

Tip: If you are about to collect a new canister and your reserve bar is full, activate a new cell just before you collect the new tank. This will help keep you running at optimal speed.