Another Present for Louise (my wife). This project started it's life as whole room renovation project but I think my ideas scared the Mrs and she just wanted the TV on the wall. :)

It's still a worthy project to publish as I'll need to strengthen the wall, put in some cabling for the TV data connections and work with my dependable Electrician friend for getting the elec-trickery re-routed to a new socket.

The project starts with the complete vision including a new shelving unit which has also been removed from my To-Do list :/

Project: Master TV

The original plans
Marking up the wall
The current place for the TV
Brackets fitted
The wall bracket
Using my new Caterpiller Sawhorse
Braces for second board
Second board fitted
Mood lighting dry run
Over-kill on holes
Fitting again
More screws
Bracket fitted
Screwfix loves me
Holes for Backbox/pattris
Oh yeah, I hit a joist
Cable chasing
Socket cut-outs
TV Fitting
Paiting + Electrics to do next before I can finish this
Skirting board hell!
Nothing I can't fix
Cleaning up and Chocks installed
Bonding plaster
Unfinished finishing
Finished finishing
No cracks, Yay!
Repaired, sanded, primed, undercoated and satin finished
Over 3 Days
New wall colour and wood work painted
More of the wall colour
TV panels primed and undercoated
I used a water based finishing paint which was not good!
First panel installed
Matching curtain rail board
LED stip attached. Glue didn't work very well... decided to use metal strip ties instead
Checking lights still work
Before wallpapering
Wallpapering done
All Louise's hard work while I made tea and wiped pasting table :)
Show house finish
LED Colour examples
The End.

Completed on 23rd April 2017 (Except for doors which will be done at a later time)