It's where I hide from the Mrs

A lot of prep went into this project, a lot of things went wrong regardless of the preparation :D

Project: Man Cave

Codename: Blugherughughurahuar
10th Feb 2016...

After struggling with the last project because of issues with space, I need to organise the garage better.

Ugh.. I can't work like this!
The weather gets through the gaps!
The old garage door
There's a motorbike in here somewhere
Yay! A new electric roller garage door
Right, that's nearly everything out
The room feels bigger with the white paint :)
Using up all the old paint pots
It's taken a lot of paint!
Ok, I need to raise this floor
The blocks look damaged by something... a corrosive spill in the past perhaps?
OK, I think I know how to do this!

...Or so I thought!

While at the shop, someone told me that I can lay this as a dry mix instead of using a wet mix as I originally was going to do.

Hu! didn't think that would work.

I would have thought that 10.5 bags of sand and 3 bags of cement would look 'more'
A short time later...
Time I started working on 3D Models
OK, it's been 4 days, that floor should be all set, let's go and look
What the...?
It's pitted and crumbling... knew I should have used a wet mix!
Ok, so I have a problem. Let's buckle up and see if we can't correct this with some leveling compound.
It's not pefect but it's better than it was!
Back to the 3D Model
And back to the paiting again
One more coat of leveling compound
Hmmm, not sure about this?
Ah! That's better
Under-shelf speakers ;)
I worry about that gas pipe!
Don't want this happening!
Garage: outside front
Could probably do with an outside light here
The pedestal idea was born
Some repair work
This time, I do it my way! WET MIX!
Not bad for a bit of freestyle cement sculpturing :D
Tea with the bitch!
Looking good!
After doing lots of research, I've decided to use this on the floor
Yeah! This'll pass the DAZ doorstep challenge 'nee'-bother
OK, happy days!
While the paint dries; 3D model time begins
The paint has dried
Oooh look at the pretty floor
Picked up a free PC. Thanks Gerry, this will go nice in the man cave!
and it works!
Time to start on the bike parking slot
Parking slot complete
Pleased I opted for a git texture, this paint can get a little slippery when wet
Delivery Round 1
The start of the frame for the partition
Hmmm, which way should I put this noggin?
I'm pleased I have my Dad on speed-dial haha
Looks like the dog has had a hard day...she hasn't!
The great divide between light and dark
I still worry about that gas pipe!
Hmm the angle is too steep
TV's don't kill, steep angles on brackets do!
Hidden conduit for TV cables
Box of tricks
LAN cable
Should I?
Delivery Round 2
Delivery Round 3
Can't have too many screws!
Thingy unit
Wiring up the spur
Conduit hell
How's this work?
Did I show you my screws?
Oh, what about my box of tricks?
Ok, what about my new white board then?
Not happy with that!
What? Oh so the holes on this vice are not symetrical

I assumed that turning the vice up-side-down to mark out the vice bolt holes would have been fine.

I learnt (the hard way) that these are drilled out manually where-ever this vice was made, this has resulted in a poor fit.

Maybe I'll replace the worktop one day and correct this but for now, I can't stop

Found these... It's amazing what you hold on to!
Nearly Done Dryer Stack Dolly
Dryer Stack Dolly Done
Rubber wheels for smooth travel
Dryer Stack Dolly In Action
Table up
Table down
First guest
Hu, a recruitment poster for the place I used to worked
The End.

Completed 10th May 2016 (always on-going)