Another Present for Louise (my wife). She wanted a music box for the garden in the summer. I didn't have time to work it out for the original Steepletone but that wasn't really meant for moving around too much anyway.

Project: Louby Tunes

Wood boxes from eBay
Amp from
Also IEC Switch
Tried getting Kodi working on my 5" WaveShare
Oh well, I'll use in another project :)
It didn't work :(
First 3D Plan
Louby Tunes Logo
Need to find someone to make this
[It took a lot of effort finding someone!]
Shows how the logo will light-up inside
More 3D drawings
Packed Full!
As it turned out, all the parts simply did not fit
I needed a new plan (and a new box)
Replacement Touch Screen (official RasPi screen)
Knobless amp
New box delivered
New 3D Model
Parts collected so far
Thanks to ? for pointing out I may need ventilation
Bottom view
Marking up the cuts
First Cut!
Rear air in-take
[Lazy in-take]
Plenty of splits
But shouldn't be a problem to repair
My make-shift depth stop :/
I really need a proper tool for this
Speaker dry run
More parts arrived!
Eggs on legs, I can fly!
I did not have any luck with this!
It just rolls up when you try to rub it into the grain
I used this stuff instead
Mr Wood Filler, you are awesome!
IEC Slot cut
Now for some repair work
Looking good!
Struts & Hindges
+ problems
It's not as easy as I first thought to get 'oil' based paint
That took a full day of driving around trying to find somewhere to get this paint!
Wife's choice of paint colour
First coat of primer
More parts
Mesh for rear air in-take
Not really sure how I'm going to fit this just yet

After contacting many companies and not getting anywhere I got in touch with a company called ACS ( who were more than happy to help

Many thanks Alan for this, turned out fantastic and can't wait to use it!

Used wood filler to fill the grain
I wasn't sure if this would work, but it has... there any limit to this wood filler lol
First of many undercoats
Amp fitting dry run
I need to work out how to extend these knob fittings
Tip: careful how you search Google for 'knob extension'
IEC dry run
Soldering still to do
The approximate position of the screen
To be continued...

Completed (TBC)