Pip Boy

A SPECIAL survival list, well at least in my eyes. The entries contained here are some of the websites I've enjoyed the use of, services I've really liked or stuff I just want to provide the Head-up on.

Take shelter in the vault and enjoy a leisurely pastime.

Arcade/Mame Resources

Progetto Snaps

A very useful site containing lots of arcade resources.


Fantastic resource guide of various Arcade related hardware. This was my first go-to guide for arcade hardware equipment.

Mame Guide

A useful resource of information concerning Mame.

Flyer Fever

A site that holds collections of arcade flyers.

Flyer Arcade Museum

Another site that holds collections of arcade flyers.

Manufacturers / Suppliers / Resources

appliedcutsys.co.uk (ACS)

Awesome suppliers of Digital Flatbed Cutting Systems for cutting simple shapes or intricate designs in virtually any flat material.

This Old Toy

Sells classic Fisher Price toys from you childhood, detailed product information, replacement parts and repair service.

MyPaintBrush + The Fox

Double entry link, My Paint Brush online store for decorating supplies coupled together with my favourite brush brand "The Fox"

Arcade World UK

This online store features arcade hardware. I've used this site a few times in the past and enjoy the shopping experience. Good stock list.


Great resource for all things relating to nuts and bolts. I got some nice machine bolt replacements here.

ESE Direct + Storage Box

Double entry of ESE Direct the supplier and the Storage Box. Both a great and I would definitely recommend.

Screws Direct

Great selection of screws. I bought from these guys a couple of times.

DOX Direct

Very helpful staff and print work is great. I got a book printed and bound by these guys and whole experience was fantastic.


Great solution to having a dedicated server.


Great solution to having a dedicated server.


Everyone needs pots and containers. This website features a nice range and delivery was great.


I've loved this site since I first found it. It has some great photography that has royalty free licenses (there may be some commercial restrictions).

Bulk Resize Photos

This online tool is pretty handy. They done a nice job and it has many configurable settings.

Game Related


Old Skool Games with modern compatibilities. I feel a little strange buying titles I already own but sometimes I guess you have to bite the bullet if you want them to run as smooth as they once did (or better).

Nether Earth

I used to love this game on the Spectrum. BrainGames cleverly recreated this favourite title for desktop gaming.

Digital Cybercherries

The virtual acade is a really cool idea. I'm hoping to one day have a VR headset so I can enjoy this to the max.

Board Game Geek

What a great site. I don't play board games often but this would be my first port of call when we next shop for one.

RAD Warning

VUBA Supplies

I don't know if it was plain bad advice, the paint being bad, the price I paid, the poor delivery experience or a mixture of all of it but I wont be using these guys ever again.