Donkey Kong Marquee Art Pack

Version 1.0

A pack of artwork recreated from the original Nintendo arcade marquee.

Pack Overview

A set of a complete marquee parts including the marquee banner with a larger bleed area for marquees that require a slightly broader marquee. The pack also contains transparent PNG files of the various art elements which can be used for other areas of your cabinet or Control Panel.

All artwork completed at 200dpi - marquee creation size 500mm x 200mm + 15mm bleed (530mm x 230mm)

Pack Contents

  • dk-marquee-500-200mm-200dpi-15mm-bleed.jpg
  • dk-marquee-bg.jpg
  • dk-marquee-bg-with-dklogo.jpg
  • dk.png
  • princess.png
  • jump-man.png
  • dk-marquee-no-bg.png
  • dk-marquee-logo.png
  • barrel-1.png
  • barrel-2.png
  • barrel-3.png
  • barrel-3-original-colour.png
  • letters-sheet.png
  • nintendo-logo.png