For basic illustration purposes only


Featuring the popular classic 'Stargate' arcade cabinet design. The Stargate theme involves a rolling reel to showcase your ROM collections.

Choice of a multiple selection of backgrounds and Stargate cabinet colours the theme features a rich and vibrant design that all fits comfortably on screen.


Designed for 16:9 (desktop)

Supports latest version of Attract Mode on all platforms


The theme is currently being developed.


  • Side and marquee art switches out to the currently selected title.
  • Video/Screen snap embedded into the cabinet art for representing graphic on the machine.
  • Flashing coin slots for added effect.
  • Snap reel for horizontal wheel navigation.
  • Favourites flag shows marked titles.
  • First theme to officially support P1-illustrated graphic sets
  • First theme to officially support extended ROM information extracted by XMLtractor project
  • Multiple backgrounds (including your own custom choices)
  • Multiple cabinet colours