For basic illustration purposes only

Obi Theme

Originally this theme was intended for a set resolution but the idea has grown to cover a greater range of screen sizes and orientations

The on-screen real-estate is limited at low res and with this in mind the theme tries to squeeze as much use out of the available view. The theme makes up mostly the graphic from ROM art sets which gives it a very focused view of the selected game.


0.2 (The theme is currently being developed.)


  • Large Flyer view.
  • Large Video/Screen snap.
  • Large ROM logo.
  • Snap Reel for verticle wheel navigation.
  • Favourites flag shows marked titles.
  • P1-illustrated graphic sets
  • Extended ROM information extracted by XMLtractor project


Designed for LowRes 4:3 / 3:4

Supports latest version of Attract Mode on all platforms

Screen Shots

Click below to download.