A big fat Thank You to all the resources that helped in some way in building this website and the projects it contains.


For the people who have helped me in some way with their feedback or have had or made a direct difference to the work

In no particular order

  • My Wife Louise For the support while I created this site and all the other amazing things she does for me
  • 'The guys' Obiwantje, timmyb, Warham
  • Alan For help with Louby Tunes


Great photography is important, although the works I'ved used have been used to create new graphic, the original peices provided me with an important start in my vision.

In no particular order


Because if these companies never existed I would have had a very different experience growing up. Thanks for the great memories and forever shall you exist regardless of your fates.

There are more that I would like to thank but this list references only the companies associated with some of the fan artwork I've used/created. (I hope I haven't missed any!).

I'd also like to reiterate that this website has no association with these brands other than me being a fan of their works.

In no particular order