About Me

I'm a very passionate logical person. Being half Vulcan and half wit, I like to find problems to solutions with great accuracy.

" Sometimes it takes me longer to understand something...
...this isn't because I have a hard time grasping the concepts, but rather, taking time to understand more about it than you may realise. "

Having spent the last 30 odd years trying to grow-up (most of this during my youth) I've come to accept the state of my mind. I'm a fun-loving creature with a serious side that works to solve problems. From the early days of my existence I wanted to know how everything works and I become quite agitated if it didn't make any logical sense. I love to improve things which is why, I guess, I'm never quite happy with what I do since I'm my own biggest critic of my work.

" To embark on a journey having only a roadmap of facts to guide you is no adventure and will surely end with being lost. But, to embark on a journey understanding how the roads were built will always be an adventure without the possibility of ever being lost. "

With everything I undertake it becomes an enjoyable challenge to gather every possible bit of information. Like a big jigsaw, all the pieces come together to create a bigger picture. This picture can only then be truly analysed for a solution.

" The greatest and most precious lessons I have ever learnt in my life are to know that I can sometimes be wrong or fail. This does not make me any less effective, but instead, opens my mind to other possibilities without the baggage of pride or stubbornness. "

It's more effective to drop any preconceived notions of how anything works. Knowledge is something that you know is true until it isn't. I've spent my whole life being corrected for the things I was sure I knew and corrected other people when I've heard what they have stated as fact.

The things which can always be regarded as being true and should be honoured is that of creativity, opinion and probably religion. I'm not a religious person, but I respect those that believe in a greater spirit unless of course your trying to kill me with it.

" To me, creativity is important. It's the essence of ideas; the clay from which solutions are moulded. An environment that imprisons a creative mind would be better suited to that of a mechanical device. "

If you hadn't already guessed from this site. I enjoy being creative. Art is a great form of expression and I enjoy breaking up my experience working with code by splashing out on some blank canvas or doodling which calms me down and helps me think.

" It is said that things are not black and white, that there are sometimes grey areas. I respond to this by stating grey is the colour of our lack of understanding, if we look close enough, we can realise this. "

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